Are your looking for a simple and affordable payroll option? We offer multiple options for processing your payroll. Why? Because we offer a payroll process that’s easy, and more importantly assures the accuracy of your payroll calculations. Secondly, tax filings are made on time.


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Full Service Payroll

A Solution for Everyone

Send us your hours, we do the rest.

  • We enter employees work hours.
  • Our software verifies your payroll taxes are withheld and deposited
  • Your quarterly reports are filed to your federal, state, and local payroll tax returns.
  • We create and file your employees W-2’s.
  • Free employee portal so your employees can view and print their pay stubs when they have a need.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Run payroll weekly, b-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly for the same low monthly rate.
  • This is a monthly subscription, no long term contract required.
  • We create a downloadable payroll entry to simplify your record keeping for QuickBooks online or QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Timesheet integration available (additional fee) with Patriot Time & Attendance software or TSheets.


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Basic Payroll

Do it yourself on our software

Run payroll in 3 simple steps.

  • Personally enter your employees hours through our online portal.
  • Deposit and file your payroll taxes yourself.
  • Create and print W-2’s at year end.
  • An included employee portal for your employees to get documents and pay stubs. 
  • Free direct deposit
  • You can run an unlimited number of payrolls per month for the same low monthly rate.
  • Payroll entries are automatically entered directly into QuickBooks Online, once linked. In addition, a entry is available for Desktop versions.
  • Monthly subscription, no long term contract.
  • Timesheet integration available (additional fee) with Patriot Time & Attendance software or TSheets. 
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Time Management

Manage your employees’ data online
  • Paperless records for your employees
  • Integrates with our payroll software
  • Track employees’ employment history
  • Track employees’ census data
  • Share important documents with employees

Your employees’ timesheets are online
  • 100% online time & attendance system
  • Integrates with our payroll software
  • Employees clock-in and clock-out online
  • Manage employees’ work schedules
  • Track employee attendance and time off
  • No more time clocks!

Move your timecards to the Internet cloud, and throw out your timeclock and punch-style timecards. Have your employees clock-in and clock-out online or on their phone!

Let’s build this together.

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