Cash Flow and Expense Assessment – This is a review of your business’s finances. We review your current allocations (CAPS) and what your company’s target (TAPS) allocations should be. We provide a path to get you from your CAPS to your TAPS that fits your current cash position.  Your program will vary based on the current position of the business’s finances. For most, a four to eight quarter plan is typical time frame.

Cash Flow Monthly Review – We will work with you to implement Profit First by setting up allocations and distributions. Transferring the funds to the predetermined accounts. There will be a monthly review, guidance, and monitoring of the CAPS to insure proper implementation. Keeping you on track with your plan. Thereby, increasing your profit and decreasing your expenses. Making your business a money-making machine.

Budget Creation and Review – Creating a budget is essential to becoming more Profitable and limiting expenses over the course of the year. In addition to helping you create a budget, periodic reviews will be preformed throughout the year. Thus keeping you on track.

Processes and Systems – We review your current administrative processes to insure efficient and timely recording of transnational records.  Having the processes in place will with help cut costs. As a result, you manage your business with more confidence. Above all, allowing you to focus more on the customer needs.

Cash Flow and Expense Consulting Package – Bundle the above services into one as a more comprehensive service.

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