Profit First Consulting

Profit First Complete Profit Assessment – A review of you finances. We will review your current allocations (CAPS) and what your company’s target (TAPS) allocations should be. We will provide a path to get you from your CAPS to your TAPS that best fits in your current position (Time frame varies by client).
Profit First Yearly Investment – We will work with you and your bookkeeper to implement Profit First. Setting up allocations, distributions to proper accounts. Monthly review and guidance of finances and monitoring CAPS to insure proper implementation to grow your profit and make your business a money-making machine.
Budget Creation and Review – Creating a budget is essential to creating more Profit and limiting expenses over the course of the year, so we will work with you to create a workable and sustainable one.
Processes, and Systems – We will review your current administrative processes to insure efficient recording of bookkeeping records. Will work on the 10th and 25th payment system (can be adjusted but should be fifteen days apart).
Profit First Package – includes all above Profit First services.
Profit First Success Stories