Premium Service Plan

  • Standard Bookkeeping Services – This is included in package.
  • Cash Flow/Expense ManagementManage your income and expenses to insure that there is positive cash flow and expenses are controlled  to maximize profits.
  • Full Service AR – Creation of invoices and statements (if needed). Recording of payments to invoices. Daily sales reviewed and recorded.
  • Full Service AP – We receive, record, and schedule bills to be paid once approved to be paid. Checks for payment will be printed for authorized person(s) to review and sign.
  • Fixed Asset Tracking – Assets will be recorded in QuickBooks fixed assets lists for easy tracking. If your CPA isn’t managing assets or if you don’t have a CPA, QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager will be used for depreciation and amortization schedules.
  • Loan Management – QuickBooks Loan Manager is used to manage your loans with Amortization schedules included.
  • Budget Set-up and Review – Creating a budget is essential to becoming more Profitable and limiting expenses over the course of the year. In addition to helping you create a budget, periodic reviews are preformed throughout the year.
  • Technology Currently our required technology stack includes QuickBooks,, Receipt Bank, and QBox. This software stack helps insure timely receipt of documents and record keeping. 

Standard Service Plan

  • Basic Bookkeeping Services – This is included in package.
  • Entry of Transactions – Entry of Day-to-Day transactions to produce accurate reports for making good decisions for the business.
  • A/R and AP Management/Review – Management and review of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in QuickBooks. 
  • Sales Tax Payments and/or Review – Review of the sales tax payable account for accuracy. This is to insure that payments are made timely. 
  • Trial Balance Check-Up – Checkup on your records to ensure accounts are accurate through-out the year. Ensuring year-end is quick and simple for your CPA to prepare your taxes.

Basic Service Plan

  • Review of Transactions – Transactions are reviewed in QuickBooks to insure they are allocated correctly.
  • Limited Entry of Transactions – When reconciling, some transaction maybe missing. So on a limited basis, we will enter the missing transactions for you once they are verified.
  • Monthly Reconciliation of Bank and Credit Card statements  – To insure accuracy of your cash balances, we reconcile your bank and credit card accounts monthly. 
  • Payroll Entries – (if applicable) Entries are posted by general journal entry. Properly break down of the expense helps maintain oversight. 
  • Journal Entries – Entries are recorded as needed or as received from the CPA.
  • 1099/1096 Review –  Review of vendor information to complete 1099/1096’s for timely filing. If needed, requests for W-9’s can be made.

Go to Service Plans for a side by side view of services. For payroll click here.

*All plans include Monthly phone support and in-house financial reports. Scheduled financial review meetings based on needs of the owner. We will also work with your CPA as the need arises.

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